Alberta Spending $30M to Sort Out Drug Epidemic

The supporters of the current Alberta Government seem to know the answer's to the biggest questions; global warming, running the economy through debt, and social engineering in education and elsewhere. But one area where they need to collect data is the current drug epidemic in Alberta. The government setup a 30 Million dollar budget and a commission to "deal with the skyrocketing numbers of deaths caused by overdoses of fentanyl and other opioids."

What are the odds that these "data analysts" discover (or choose to ignore) some of the obvious contributing factors.
1. Alberta has the highest divorce rate in Canada -
There's little doubt that many who fall into drugs faced broken families, single parent homes, and absent fathers.

2. Huge Energy Wages Vanished - Alberta was hit hard by the economic downturn, lower oil prices, NDPs shift towards public sector jobs, and companies pulling projects out of the province in anticipation of their anti-corporation stances. This is likely more of a catalyst for an existing problem than it is a cause, but if the government is trying to figure out the short term situation there is a good chance this will be their conclusion.

3. Secularization and Loss of Moral Clarity - For decades now the education system has taught students a very bleak and hopeless view of humanity. Our education system puts a strong emphasis on the indisputable fact that the Universe created itself and that scientifically speaking all mammals including the ones sitting in the desks will return to the start dust they came from. Alberta's 'progressive vision' for some time now has ramped up tribalism, providing special rights and recognition to people that belong to certain groups. This can make some young people feeling even more insignificant and others alienated or hyper sensitive about certain characteristics of their identity. There is no moral compass to draw people towards good role models, church attendance has dropped dramatically in the province.

Will these studies take any of these issues into account? Only time will tell, but this pessimist thinks it is more likely that the final reports will somehow link the increase in drug use to the election of Donald Trump, global warming, and the oppression of minorities.

Drug Addict in Alberta