Jason Kenney Attends #RalphRevival2017

Although I have never mentioned it, one thing that annoyed me as an early Wild Rose member was how the party would often distance itself from Ralph Klein's legacy by praising the days of Peter Lougheed. As a very enthusiastic Klein supporter I always found this dishearting even though I understood from a political perspective why they wouldn't assiociate themselves of a "boogyman" who people still remembered.

Jason Kenney, Alberta's UCP Leader, appears to be unashamed about being associated with Klein, posted photos on Twitter of himself at the "First Annual Ralph Klein Black Tie Revival Celebration". While I realize that Klein is a controversial figure, Albertans must admit that the man did what he said he would do and showed moral courage for his beliefs despite the onslaught from critics, public sector unions, and the media. It's great that Kenney is willing to take some flak for attending an event honoring Klein, it will be even better to see him follow in Klein's footsteps and battle the unsustainable debt without wavering or comprimising conservative princples.

Jason Kenney at Ralph Klien Revival