"Back To the Future" Starring Jason Kenney

As you will notice from my articles on this site, I am not the biggest fan of the PC party, particularly in Alberta. Words that come to mind are; spineless, panderers, busy bodies, self-important, and far more 'progressive' than they are conservative. Please don't misunderstand me, I have respect for individuals that put their reputations on the line to adopt the unpopular title of "politician", often for noble purposes. However, when you are representing the conservative name you have a responsibility to lead under those principals rather than chasing votes of the side that disagrees with that philosophy. This is where I give the current NDP government credit for following through with their agenda (as horrible as I think it is), at least they are pushing through the ideas they stand for.

In my experience, this is how the PC party in Alberta lost it's way following the Stelmach win. Despite the huge victory of "Honest Ed", the PC base had not realized that the liberals had not simply disappeared, rather, they had joined and perhaps managed to co-opt the conservative movement with 'red tories' that would eventually run Alberta into a brick wall of beurocracy and political correctness, forever trying to appeal to the far left agenda and getting bogged down in one new project after the other but never seeming to finish anything. But I digress...

I have not listened to Jason Kenney speak since his announcement, but what I will be looking for is a sign that he will lead a strong party with principles. Not making appeals to the left, but putting forward a simple platform of 'back to the basics', or for the sake of the MEME I created, "back to the future"

True conservatives lost control long before NDP came to power, but regardless of who did what, we have a huge mess with unemployment, demoralization, insane deficits, and re-education of our kids that has nothing to do career prospects... The good news for REAL conservatives is that they excel during times of uncertainty, like the parent that takes control when they get home to a house party gone wild.

But can the PC Party be redeemed? Is Jason Kenney the answer? Will the Wildrose Conservatives go along with it? I don't know, but it's sure good to see conservatives coming out of the woodwork and hold their political parties accountable. Maybe this NDP socialist experiment will be just enough to remind Canada that these "progressive" worldviews have been tried before and come with real-life consequences.

In the words of Doc: "If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour... you're gonna see some serious shit.

Jason Kenney Back to the Future