Laurier Univerity Staff Defame Jordan Peterson?

In what is perhaps the cringiest audio you may ever subject yourself to, University professors at the Laurier University lambast Lindsay Shepherd, The Rebel Media, and in particular Jordan Peterson. The allegations made against Shepherd are completely unfounded and attacks on Peterson are just disgusting. At one point one of the profs seems to suggest that Jordan Peterson is targetting transgender students and releasing their personal information so they can be threatened as well as many other charges that he provides without seeming to cite any evidence of these charges.
With the level of accusations they hurl about Jordan Peterson I would not be surprised in the least if this was considered defamatory or slanderous, but listen and judge for yourself.

For more context, a little bit of background, and some related stories there is a huge Youtuber named Sargon of Akkad who posted a video related to the situation.